About us We offer excellent accounting and bookkeeping services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

Sandrene Weichenberger is a highly accomplished Finance and Accounting professional with 25-plus years of leadership growth. 

I have a successful track record of the Structure, Management, and Operation of Financial Accounting and the Systems and Procedures required for accurate bookkeeping and Accounting books of record.

Our Services

Accounting & Bookkeeping
Auditing & Taxation
Corporate Secretarial

Our Commitment

  • Stay in touch with your business’ potential for further
    growth. We offer the development of basic reports to show
    you your company’s financial position.
  • Consistently maintain financial performance reports to help
    your company avoid the last-minute scramble for
    information at any point in time.
  • Be accessible to our clients and create true business
    partnerships to make work life easier with access to
    information enabling smarter business decisions.
  • We use technology to help our service delivery to create
    and improve processes that promote a more productive
    work environment.
  • We take the time for proper onboarding making sure that
    our processes are in line with your existing business model.

Business Concept

  • We can work with startups and small businesses managing
    Accounting and back-office so the company owner can
    focus on the core business
  • Support small business enterprises by recommending and
    assisting with the best accounting and bookkeeping
    practices and techniques
  • Aid internal corporate finance and accounting
    departments to close gaps where there may be
  • Assist in organizing self-employed individuals to comply
    with all government statutory regulations positioning for
    greater business growth

More than 25 Years
of Experience

321 projects
19 awards
280 satisfied